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Who We Are

We are a non-profit trade association comprised of members from the home building industry.  The membership includes home builders, remodelers, developers and residential suppliers in the Mid-Michigan region.

The Home Builders Association of Metropolitan Flint was chartered by the National Association of Home Builders in 1945. We are currently known as the Home Builders Association of Mid-Michigan and remain strong in the belief of preserving homeownership.

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Early History of the Home Builders Association of Mid-Michigan

By: Barry Simon

In early 1945, a group of roughly 8 home builders began meeting at Flint’s “Home Dairy” to discuss how to accommodate the anticipated housing needs of GI’s returning from Europe and Asia, along with the subsequent resulting “baby boom.” The group was led by Rober P. Gerholz, who had recently served as the President of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), and spearhead the effort to have their organization chartered as a local affiliate of the Association.

From those roots the “Home Builders Association of Metropolitan Flint” grew into an organization of hundreds that focused on the housing industry’s health, not much of a problem in a growing community with plentiful jobs and the highest median income in the contiguous United States. But that all changed in the 1970s when oil prices and the 1973 embargo had a chilling impact on the auto industry, the lifeblood of the Metro Flint area.

Suddenly lie was no longer easy for the housing industry that had been insulated by the strength of General Motors, and the 85,000 local employees it supported during its peak years. Consequently, the HBA began to focus on issues that would help reinvigorate the area’s economy, and make the delivery of housing more affordable, for builders and consumers alike. And, due to Michigan’s costly business climate, much of the focus was directed toward legislation.

While much of the association’s legislative activity was attempting to stop negative legislation like Impact Fees and the proposed 4% Real Estate Transfer tax for example, it also introduced the first property tax moratorium bill for spec homes, the bill to eliminate the Architects’ threshold, and the bill that gave builders a statute of limitations.

In 1977 the HBA of Metro Flint became the first local in Michigan (and possibly in the nation) to build its own office on land it had owned for a decade. It subsequently sold that office and ultimately built a new own in Grand Blanc. It was also the first to add a second annual Parade of Homes in 1986.

We've continued to grow our footprint and now represent Genesee, Shiawassee and Lapeer counties.